Christmas tree trimming

By Donna

Well I usually alternate CD's, one on the changer will
be Christmas, one speed guitar heavy metal, one oldies
classic and then another Christmas CD, one of the
blues and then hit shuffle, I love it that way. I get
sick of 5 CD's with 5 different versions of Jingle
Bells or A Partridge in a Pear Tree, man is that a
long song. That notivates me to decorate.
I have a bunch of Christmas jewelry I just dug out,
wreath hoops, snowflake pendant, etc. Sweatshirt with
a Christmas tree on the front, and then there are my
flannel drawstring Scrooge pants and a pair with the
Coca Cola bears on snowboards and trees, Christmas

The seed is in bloom, will it meet an early doom
or survive in a tranquil sea?
Does it face an early end, will it find a real friend,
should it be called humanity?
Will creation of man bring death by his hand
or will life be his destiny?
The Seed - Rare earth



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